Every year it rolls around — our birthdays! We celebrate! I have to admit, personally, for me, birthdays are just another day. You see, mine is just twenty-five days after Christmas and when I was a child not much was made of it because of that fact. I have four brothers and sisters and we just celebrated Christmas; the budget was blown! My great aunt that lived next door to us growing up always had a very special cake made for me and prepared whatever I wanted for dinner. To me, simple birthdays are special. My husband Frank has always made my birthday special with beautiful cakes, great dinners at nice restaurants with family and friends, wonderful gifts and unique milestone birthday surprises that are unforgettable. However, what he did yesterday really touched my heart, so I wanted to share it — I hope you don’t mind.

The alarm goes off and the first thing I hear from him (Frank) is, “It’s your birthday
Honey! Happy Birthday!”

Me: “Thank you!”

Frank: “What are you going to do today?”

Me: “Just relax. My website and blog were going to be launched today, but there are a few things that need to be fixed before that happens.”

Frank: “I see. By the way, I don’t need you to fix me lunch today because the people from Pepsi are here for meetings most of the day and I am having lunch with those guys.”

Me: “That’s good because I am out of lunch items which means I will be having breakfast twice today. And since I have no car – and even if I did – I couldn’t drive.”

I got on my scooter and rolled to the kitchen to make coffee. So that’s how my birthday began. Yippee! Okay, time to confess: I was feeling somewhat blue. My foot was in a cast from a recent surgery, I had no car (Frank is driving mine because he sold his a few days ago and is looking for another one to purchase), and even if I had a car, I couldn’t drive and it’s my BIRTHDAY! So, I said to myself, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on. It could be worse!” Frank came into the kitchen, gave me my birthday card and a kiss, and headed out the door. I headed over to my computer to check emails, took a look at my website that should have been launching that day (but didn’t), and started thinking about what to write for my first blog entry for ALL to read. Just when I had it figured out, my phone rang and it was Frank telling me that he didn’t want to startle me when I heard the garage door open. What??? He just left the house to go to work and now he’s back home; for what reason??? He walks in with three sacks FULL of groceries and beautiful pink roses! He said, “I would never leave you without anything for lunch.” He gives me a kiss and out the door, he goes. He leaves me thinking this thought, “After all these years he is still so thoughtful!”

A few of my girlfriends called to wish me “Happy Birthday,” so I shared what I was up to and what just happened because it was totally unexpected and so thoughtful! I explained I was in the process of writing the first blog and was not quite sure what to write about (I had been working on something about La La Land, I will share that next post. I ADORE that movie!). Anyway, my girlfriends insisted I write about what my husband had just done because it was so sweet! So, here it is, my first blog: thank you, Frank, for being so thoughtful! The groceries were the best gift I received for my birthday because it was a true gesture of love and thoughtfulness and that is always the best gift!

The gift he brought home that evening was something I have been eyeing for quite some time — a cordless DYSON vacuum. YEAH! In his hand were a bottle of Unconditional, my favorite Pinot Noir, and dinner from Mahogany Steakhouse, one of my favorite places to dine. Yummy! The night ended with the best Key Lime Pie made just for two. Thank you, Honey, for such a wonderful and thoughtful birthday!

Chris and Lisa (my adult children) dropped by to visit after work; what a blessing! Chris had the perfect card in hand and Lisa hurried in with a beautiful floral arrangement from Whole Foods, my favorite place for fresh flowers.

The doorbell rang and on my porch, I found a beautiful vase of flowers from Dr. Steven Hotze and his wife, Janie. What a surprise and so thoughtful! Dr. Hotze is the founder of the Hotze Health and Wellness Clinic in Houston which specializes in Hormone Replacement Therapy & Holistic Wellness that helps women and men get their health back on track (they are great at it). I will be sharing health and wellness tips and information, so stay tuned. Thank you, Dr. Hotze and Janie, for the beautiful flowers and your thoughtfulness!

Thank you to all my friends who called to wish me “Happy Birthday” and my Facebook friends with all their “Happy Birthday” wishes as well.

Here is what I have learned about myself today: I do enjoy my birthday. It’s a special day! I appreciate the attention and thoughtful gestures, I appreciate you all! I am very blessed and humbled by ALL of the thoughtfulness!

If you are wondering how old I am, I am thirty-something forever. Age is just a number and a real lady never reveals her age.

I would love to hear about your favorite birthday.

Every day is a tiara day!

Originally posted on January 24, 2017