Sometimes I wonder about the “What IFS” in LIFE…

What if, “I was taller?” What could I really reach?
What if, “I had been born in a different era?” What would have been different?
What if, “I had been a singer?” Maybe, that didn’t happen for me because there was something more planned for my life.
What if, “I had been a physician?” My bedside manner (I’m thinking) would not have worked well for patients because patience is not one of my virtues.
What if, “I had decided being a MOM was not for me?” I would have missed out on so many important life lessons. WOW! That’s a big “what if” moment for me.

And then, “What if I had decided not to be a wife?” I would have missed out on growth, hope, and true love. Marriage, I know is not perfect and it certainly is not a fairytale, but it does have its moments.

Most IMPORTANTLY, I would have missed out on knowing the three most wonderful people (my husband and two children), and the extended family it has provided and blessed me with in my life. Without my family, I would have missed out on joy, disappointments, learning, giving, receiving, pain, romance, sacrifice, selfishness, selflessness, letting go, and becoming me! Thank you to my perfectly, imperfect family God has blessed me with. There are no accidents in life.

So, now I am wondering…what if I decided not to wonder any longer and just sit still for a moment, let go and let LIFE happen? Because the TRUTH is: life goes on, no matter what I think or wonder about at any given time.

What if… I had been smarter? Then, I would not have wasted so much time on “what ifs.”

My lesson learned in life as a wife and a mother is “finger-lickin’ good!”

Every day is a tiara day,


Originally posted February 6, 2017