Have you ever been nervous about meeting someone new?  I mean really nervous!  Like, will he/she like me kind of nervous?  Well, I certainly have!

I remember the first day back to school.  Going shopping for school supplies and new school clothes.  I was always into fashion.  Always!  I never slept the night before the first day of school because I would lay awake thinking about what I was going to wear and whether would I make a good first impression.  What would my new friends be like this year? Would my best friend be in my class?  Who would I have as a teacher?  What was on the lunch menu?  Would there be cute boys in my class?

And more…

You get the picture, right?

Speaking of cute boys, do you remember your first crush?  The butterflies in your tummy kind of feeling — I do.  His name was Pharell Oliver.  He had white blond hair and beautiful, blue eyes.  He played the drums and I liked him, really liked him.  I think it’s called “Puppy Love.”  I now want to break out in song and will spend the next twenty minutes trying to get that out of my head.  Nevertheless, I thought I was in LOVE!  Like, we would grow up and get married — the whole house with the white picket fence scenario.  Isn’t that funny?  Well, turns out it was the first time I would have my heart broken, too.  I remember he didn’t have the same thing on his mind as I did.  Boys are different.  Imagine that!  As long ago as that was, the truth still remains today.  We all get nervous about things we are not sure about.  Things we have never experienced before.  We all have expectations and want others to like us.  Sometimes, we want others to love us.  Approve of us.  Identify with us.

It is said: young children, have small problems; older children, have bigger problems.  We all grow up.  Girls become women and boys become men.

That’s all a part of love, life, and relationships.

That’s what Cinderella Chats is all about! 

I have been through the same exhilarating, heart-breaking things all women go through in the search for lasting love and I have so much to share.

I hope you will like me.  I hope we can get to know each other and become friends.

What makes you nervous? 

Who was your first boy crush?