Dr. Tony Evans has been my “go-to” for years when I am seeking the full truth and authority for scripture and the word of God.

This is a great follow-up and reference to what God intended when He created the Marriage Covenant.  Dr. Tony Evans does a great job of clearly defining what God intended when God created the Marriage Covenant.

Dr. Tony Evans is a great teacher and guide about the Marriage Covenant God gave us to follow in this video…

To have the marriage He intended, not the world.  God knew this would be the best for the unity and union of marriage and the family for many reasons…

Have a listen, and before any of us say; “I do” let’s educate ourselves on God’s plan and the purpose God intended for marriage and for the family.  

Finally, if we don’t fight for our marriages, we will continue to put obstacles that will detour our children, their children, and then, their children… it’s a continual generational consequence that we are placing on them, and that we are experiencing presently from the sins of our generational past, it’s called: Divorce.  God hates Divorce for a great reason, it breaks a covenant He initiated for a very good reason.  I believe He knew and knows what is best for us, our family, and His Kingdom.  Marriage is not just about two people, it’s about three.  You, me, and our Heavenly Father and He knows best.  Isn’t it time for us to stop and listen to Him and follow what He instructs us to do, not what we want to do?  Our Father does know what is best for us and the family.  

 Please let me know what you think about the video, and what you think about the Covenant of Marriage.

 Yours truly,

Cinderella & Sandy

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