For those of you that have a weak stomach, or you may be so empathic that you can feel the pain, please be warned…
The surgeon doesn’t say whether this was from a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) pellet implant or something else, but it was not endometriosis that she thought she was looking for. HRT in pellet form is risky. Any kind of HRT is risky. It’s imperative, for women and men these days; to find a physician, very well-versed in this area, if you are considering HRT – period.  If anyone does so without checking into the risks, it may not turn out well in the long run as I have now experienced the consequences of trusting a physician, I should NOT have trusted. NEVER again.

Be wise. Ask questions. Research the entire HRT community, the physicians, and their processes and protocols before and after HRT.  We as women have learned that when MONEY INCENTIVES- lucrative MONEY-MAKING is involved it may be the MONEY that can be made by the providers of the services that is the focus, not our health and well-being.  I have learned the hard way, through the heart way with my health and future at risk.  BTW, it’s not just in the medical industry, it’s many industries, that we, women have been taught to TRUST…more to come on this subject soon.
The focus is to be equipped and informed as best as we can as women. Why? Women are the home front. We are the VOICE that can have an IMPACT and make a DIFFERENCE.  That’s why. Where would the world be without women? It would NOT exist.  WOMEN can NO longer live in a way that makes it look like everything is GOOD and PERFECT.  It isn’t.  We must use our VOICES.

Stay tuned…
Cinderella Chats is in the process of revamping some things.

INTEGRITY & TRUTH are THE GOALS and being FEARLESS and UNAPOLOGETIC in the delivery of REAL Life as a WOMAN, REAL Love as a WOMAN and REAL Relationships at every level as a WOMAN is my GOAL.

This issue above and others have created a moment of pause for me where the podcast, Cinderella Chats is concerned. It has allowed me to take a good look at my intentional purpose for starting the podcast and the end GOAL intentions of the podcast for myself and others. I am taking the time and space needed to ask myself some pivotal questions: Am I really focused on the REAL reason I went to the mic 🎤 in a very public way, to begin with? The whole point was to help women help themselves through the personal experiences of other women who had been there, done that, and got through it, (unexpected life events) that gave them great insights through the lessons they earned, which in turn gave them the desire to help other women do the same. Absolute commitment to transparency & truthfulness is required no matter where it leads or how scary it is.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Denial WILL NOT work. It NEVER has and it NEVER will.

Time to speak up and speak out.

Truly –