One afternoon while my daughter and I were at the salon, my hairdresser posed a question: “How do you get your husband to do all the nice things he does for you and your children?” “If you don’t think you deserve it, you probably won’t get it,” I said and began to laugh.  Looking at my daughter across the room, the unguarded truth of what I had just said struck me, “Does this young woman who is so precious to me truly believe she is worth the best man in the world?”  Totally caught of guard, I blurted, “How many times will her heart be broken before she finds the one to spend the rest of her life with?”  How prepared is she to stand up for her worth in a world where the dating game flaunts conquest over commitment and temptation over truth?

Back to the stylist… who said, “I never really thought about deserving the royal treatment. You should write a book.”  So I began.  Not because I am an expert, but because I have gone through the same exhilarating, heart-breaking things all women go through in the search for lasting love.  If I can help one other woman to claim her worth and love accordingly, I will have accomplished what has been in my heart for years.  Get your copy here!

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Aprille Franks-Hunt, CEO Women Recharged, LLC

“Can you say LOVE twice! Cute book with a life-lasting message….it’s the perfect gift book for teenaged girls to start a soft conversation about self-respect and a perfect reminder for grown women to hold on to their own. A must-have to your collection!”

Cheers, Amy

”I got my book in the mail yesterday and immediately hugged it because the cover felt so yummy and soft! I love the book because each page dances with witty quotes and encouraging words of wisdom!”

Becky McKay, Blue Mountain Press

“We think your book is, for lack of a more fitting word, charming! We applaud your desire to instill in young women a sense of worth and to encourage them to seek out a soulmate and helpmate who is going to treat them well.”

Suzy Toronto

Well Cinderella…you’ve done it!  It is fabulous. I want to buy them for every young woman headed off to college I know!!!  I think you have a real winner with this, very, very playful and fun too.

Joan Curtis, Networking Specialist and Mom

“I wish someone would have written a book like this for me when I was younger!”  That Is what I told Cinderella Field when I saw this book for the first time!  “Looking For Prince Charming Before You Lose Your Glass Slipper” is witty and fun, but purposeful and on time for the women of today!  We as women are settling for less than what God desires for us.  Cinderella Field has put together common sense and wisdom in a unique package to help you before you find yourself falling head over heels with “Prince NOT so Charming”!  I am excited to give this book to my two precious princesses and I am looking forward to starting a great discussion about each and every page! Thank you, Cinderella for creating a fun conversation starter for our family!”

Amy Lieberman, Tulsa Oklahoma

“This real-life Cinderella has been around a block or two and is open to sharing her enlightened perspective with the world. Her pearls of wisdom are all wrapped up in this little book that is almost as stylish as she is. This 21st-century “princess” is telling it like it is. She is encouraging young women to take pride in and value themselves so that they can find a prince of their own. Cinderella’s concise and clever suggestions lead a young woman to think about what her long-term relationship goals are and how she might go about attaining them. It is obvious that Cinderella knows life is a journey and we all make mistakes.  But wouldn’t it be nice if we could send our daughters and granddaughters out into the minefield of love armed with the savvy of an experienced voice whispering in their heads???  My suggestion: Buy this little gift book LOOKING FOR PRINCE CHARMING before You lose your Glass Slipper and give it to all the young women you know, I am going to keep it on my “go to” list.”

Anthony Abron, Voice-over Artist, Urban Intoxic

A darling little book that captures the reader’s attention while delivering time-tested and practical advice in tiny, sweet, bite-sized morsels that will inspire many. I don’t have a daughter, but I will share this book with my son with the hope that, when paired with my example, it will serve as a blueprint on how to treat a lady.

God Bless You! Kathy

“I just LOVEEEEEEE your amazing little book, LOOKING FOR PRINCE CHARMING!!!! You have reminded me that no matter how old I am, to STILL keep my standards high, hold a special value on myself, and never give up looking for “him”! I sorely needed this message, as I’ve been very discouraged because the “pickens’ are slim” at my age. Many thanks for a lovely book, both the content and the layout and illustrations. I’m keeping it on my nightstand to keep my hopes up!!”