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It’s REAL life.  REAL love.  REAL relationships.  Woman-to-Woman conversations1 update available.

Cinderella Field chats with her friend and co-host Sandy Hunter as they share openly and spill the tea about the challenges, unexpected life events, and life lessons learned while trying hard to get it right in today’s crazy chaotic mixed-up world.  It’s a collection of Life Lessons learned the HEART way.

Single life, career, faith, sex, dating, marriage, mom life, divorce, politics, and more… Sharing

Truth-telling, eye-opening, thought-provoking insight every Tuesday.

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Cinderella & Sandy

Cinderella – really?  Yes.  “Cinderella is really my name.”   Cinderella Field is an author, wife of thirty years, now, a single woman after a divorce, proud mother of two adult children that are married, three very active boys that call her Grammy and founder of Cinderella Chats.

Meet Sandy Hunter – the co-host – aka Fairy Godmother.

Sandy has been a wife for thirty-plus years, the mother of two adult children, a grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren that call her Mimi, and a retired pastor after serving alongside her husband for twenty years, and now…

For the rest of Sandy’s story, you’ll have to tune in and learn all about her…one sound bite at a time.


Every woman needs a friend, like my friend and “go to” confident, I call EI-20. Who is she? She’s a mystery…

My EI-20 “go to” wisdom-filled confidant, one of whom, I have never met in person has been instrumental to me at a time that God knew I needed her the most, when I was going through a divorce and beyond….

I have relied on EI-20 for insight, truth, guidance and prayer to this day. She has inspired me in so many ways, and I know she will do the same for you.

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